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This magazine is dedicated to direct action to protect the biological diversity of this planet from the bigness of human development. First we are life, second we are human.

The philosophy of Earth First! is simple: Earth First! No more needs to be said except how it can be applied. It is the purpose of this magazine to disseminate ideas on how to put Earth first.

When you discover an incidence of eco-rape, immediately write down a description of it, what you feel, and what you believe you can do about it. Then sometime turn it into an article and send it in.

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An exciting and fun activity for all armchair Earth First!ers

Bound over to keep the peace? Wanting a low profile while you attend another round of appearances in the Magistrates Courts? Or just plain shit scared to participate in direct action yet? Well, there is another way to fuck the system from the comfort of your own home (if you’ve got one, and it’s comfortable) which is extremely cheap (it’s free) and without risk. And it’s so simple.

To explain; ‘Business’ in this country, as we all know, is an all-consuming, heartless, soulless, spiritless, money-grabbing greed machine. And we all think it needs to be brought down. To its knees. As quickly as possible.

In their haste to encourage the consumer culture, many companies deliver to our doors, adverts for their products or catalogues full of adverts for their products. To prompt response they will often enclose a pre-printed reply paid envelope with either a freepost address or business reply service. A-ha. Got 'em.

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The Amazon on our Doorsteps.

Earlier this year, some EF!ers went to see Alan Watson at Trees for Life in Scotland. He says: “Deforestation and loss of biological diversity are now global phenomena, and I believe it is vital for the world to have positive examples showing how the return of natural forests can help heal degraded lands... Trees for Life has been working since 1987 to restore the Caledonian forest in the Highlands of Scotland, one of the most biologically impoverished parts of the world, where only one percent of the original forest remains.”

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Grow Your Own Revolution

The most subversive thing you can do in this society is grow your own food. Without us consumers the lorries would stop rolling, road building would cease without nasty confrontation and Tesco’s out of town monsters would be recycled by nature into Oak trees.

Growing food needn’t be hard work. Indeed work is a dirty word in the language of permaculture (PC), synonymous with pollution.

I was never interested in farming or gardening before, I used to look at the allotments with their neatly regimented ranks of potatoes, sprouts etc. and think “looks like boring hard work to me.”

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The Feminisation of Earth First!

By Judi Bari

It is impossible to live in the redwood region of Northern California without being profoundly affected by the destruction of this once magnificent ecosystem. Miles and miles of clearcuts cover our bleeding hillsides. Ancient forests are being strip-logged to pay off corporate junk bonds. And bee-lines of log trucks fill our roads, heading to the saw mills with loads ranging from 1,000-year old redwoods, one tree trunk filling an entire logging truck, to six-inch diameter baby trees that are chipped for pulp. Less than 5% of the old growth redwood is left, and the ecosystem is disappearing even faster than the more widely known tropical rainforest.

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Remember- every day is a day of action!

15 April Twyford Down - transport organised from London - contact Brixton EF!

16 April Live exports action, Dover docks. Contact SEARC, see Tribal Beat.

17-18 April Twyford Down massive day of action /night of countrywide anti-road graffiti, eg ‘Twyford’s Down - Where Next?’ - contact Camelot EF!

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Go out and do something for the Earth... at night!

Some of you may have seen posters running about with the words ‘Earth Night’ plastered across them, and wondered ‘what the bloody hell is this?’ Well, it’s the time when people who have a particular grudge against a developer, planet trashing company or vivisector can go out and take their revenge. A national Earth Night gives the opportunity for all groups to hit on the same night and so make the amount of damage more apparent. Instead of having 2 machines and a battery hen unit being hit in one night, we have 100 machines and 50 battery units being trashed. In this way we can capture the media and so make our arguments ram home.

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Anyone ever arrested on M3 protest, please get in touch with SDEF! as soon as possible about suing police for wrongful arrest etc...


Bangkok-based Global Network for Anti-Golf Course Action have declared 29 April ‘No Golf Day’ to help fight the massive destruction caused by golf around the world.

To assist all the diligent golfers who will be abandoning the courses en masse that day (like hell!), we are suggesting a night of exploration into the alternative uses of golf courses. Some ideas include: parties, turf inversion practice, clubhouse redesign and ‘turd in the hole’ - make sure they don’t see this last one until the ball is in there!

Please send in suggestions to DoD - perhaps we can have another one later.


From Barclays Bank report on prospects for investment in Ethiopia, October, 1985 (the time of Live Aid and the reports of millions of dying people):

“The chief cash crop is coffee, grown on the plateaux in the south-west, providing around 60% of the country’s total export earnings. Output in the 1984/85 harvest is expected to be some 20% down on the previous season at 160,000 tonnes. Additionally, transport difficulties arising from the diversion of vehicles for drought relief are hindering exports.”



For the second time, protestors picked the Magdalen roundabout to cycle round and round, to highlight Oxford’s traffic problems. After 10 minutes, the police arrived, by the van load, and dispersed the 20-30 cyclists. So, an hour later, they returned, this time bringing chaos to the streets of Oxford for 20 minutes before resorting to ye ole leaf letting.

Oxford Council have just published a city traffic policy, which doesn’t go far enough. In short, it’s crap. Oxford EF!/Green Action wanted to propose positive alternatives, showing how destructive the dominant car culture is, and get cars out of the city centre.

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Tues. 23 Feb. 6 EF!ers restarted protest camp at Plague Pits Valley. Contractors' biggest digger locked on to, work stopped for 1 1/2 hrs. Weds. 24 Feb: Activists tried to stop concreting at Oliver's Battery, outnumbered by Group 4.

Fri. 26 Feb: 20 people from EF! and FoE local group held banners at edge of cutting, car deliberately stalled at Hockley lights, blocking a dumper truck. As security guards laughed at the ineptness of women drivers, an activist crawled out of boot and locked onto truck, stopping cutting work for hr.

27 Feb - 2 Mar; Due to lack of numbers tribe spent time building energy.

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Dear Nora,

I get sick of the way cars and lorries park on the pavement so the other mad bastards in their moron machines can get past. The pavements are for pedestrians. We are already squeezed out of our streets, when you walk past, check the van is empty then smash the mirror.

Reclaim the Streets,

Death to the machines,

Love from Len the Luddite


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Temperate Rainforest Crisis

A couple of weeks ago, EF! and the Women’s Environmental Network hosted a tour by British Columbia (BC) activists, Valerie Langer and Garth Lenz. They have been in the front line of the fight to save BC’s Wilderness and the way of life of the indigenous people who live there.

British Columbia is home to the majority of the world’s remaining temperate rainforest (approximately 60% of the remaining forest is in BC, with the rest in Alaska and Chile. 50-60% of the temperate rainforest has already been logged).

The ancient temperate rain-forest runs along a narrow strip of the coast. It is characterised by at least 250cm of rain annually. It is the only truly ancient forest in the world with trees up to 2000 years old. It has the greatest density of life of any natural system in the world.

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A Lesson from Twyford Down.

After over a year of Earth First! activity in this country, it is time to reassess the situation and ask fundamental questions about the way groups run themselves. Looking through the British EF! contact list one thing stands out: EF! groups seem to exist mainly in urban areas.

There are obvious reasons for this - there are more people in cities and many EF!ers are students or ex-students. This pattern is reflected in all radical groups. However, is this pattern healthy, and if not, are there any alternatives?

Reviewing EF! actions on this isle, the most effective campaign has undoubtedly been Twyford Down. The first action happened in February of last year, and there have been hundreds of actions since. A campaign that has been so successful that Tarmac construction spends just under a quarter of a million a week on security to combat it, and the DoT employs a private detective firm to find out who activists are.

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“The ruler of this world will be cast out.” (John 12:31;) and “The one called Devil and Satan ... is misleading the entire inhabited earth” (Revelations 12:9). love from

A strange old man with a beard.

P.S. Please stop worshipping me, the real God is all around you, stop raping it!

Dear Cabbage,

After recent events at the ICI plant on Merseyside, it would seem an appropriate time for Earth First! to reappraise the way it goes about planning and carrying out its actions. It is a danger that if the situation does not improve it is possible we may lose credibility with both the press and the general public. Although EF! for many represents an emotional response to environmental issues and reflects the need of individuals to take personal action we can no longer just charge in full of righteousness, secure in the knowledge that we hold the moral high around.

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Are we to be a radical ecological movement or not?

I’ve been asking myself of late the pondering question where is the movement heading? Are we still going to cause-the kind of stir, rock the boat which we set out to do 2 years ago, when just the mention of EF! worried both the planet trashers and mild mannered greenies alike? Earth First! then was the catchword to mobilise our communities, getting them to notice what was happening to their local environment and to empower them to resist. The inspiration to fight back, either on the surface with demos and imaginative direct action, or by night with a monkeywrench, were both tactics which inspired the words “No compromise”.

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Caledonian EF!

Many years of rule from Westminster have helped create a climate of social, environmental and cultural abuse. In Scotland, the magic word is ‘jobs’, regardless of environmental damage.

In Glasgow, bulldozers are busy ripping up our greenbelt. To Strathclyde regional council, it’s the perfect place for a motorway extension. I’m determined to follow up last year’s crane-sits and tree-sits with more direct action. In the Northwest, on the Outer Hebrides, Harris has been at the centre of a wrangle over a super-quarry. The raw granite for the thousands of km of new EC motorway comes from here. Whole mountains are hewn away, with really bad effects on wildlife. Increasing commercial forestry has ruined vast tracts of sensitive wilderness areas. Intensive monoculture is spreading, wiping out plant communities, feeding and breeding territories for a wealth of species. Fertilizer run-off is poisoning lochs. Local authorities are promoting peat extraction, and planning approval has been given in Caithness & Sutherland for a factory in the heart of the flow country to strip the moors of peat. The nuclear industry are to go ahead and bury radioactive waste in Caithness.

There is to be a cull of 100,000 red deer, and the public is to finance the cruel operation. The multi-lane Isle of Skye road-bridge is set to destroy one of the largest otter breeding areas in Europe.

The fish-farm industry is a source of pollution in may lochs. Annually, thousands of Cormorants, Herons, and seals are wounded or killed for trespassing on their own environment. Industrial fishing for Sand-eels in the Minch, used as a protein additive for pig and salmon farming, continues to decimate the food source of wild-fish and seabirds. Whole colonies of puffins have failed to breed in recent years due to lack of food.

From this tale of woe it is evident that some radical direct action is called for. We need the southern solidarity to jump start some movement in Scotland.

- Calgacus


On Nov 3. 1992, Jonathan Paul was jailed by a federal judge for refusing to testify at a grand jury in Spokane, Wash. The jury is investigating the activities of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

He invoked his fifth amendment rights when he was asked about other activists at the hearing. A Federal judge then granted him immunity from self-incrimination - a tactic used to encourage witnesses to talk. He was cited for contempt of court and jailed until the judge decides to release him or until this grand jury is over in Dec. 1993.

The fact is that Paul is guilty of nothing more than sticking to his constitutional rights.

Johnathan Paul’s letter from jail to the EF! Journal, Brigid 1993:

My statement to the Sacred Earth and all those who stand against genocide and ecocide:

Tonight I cried. I did not cry for myself in the situation I am in. I cried for the earth and all the peoples and animals that have suffered in the hands of the humans who are blinded by greed and anthropocentrism. I am angry and sad for all the unjustified acts of violence put upon the earth and those that dwell upon here. My incarceration has not weakened me like the Justice Dept hopes it will. Rather, it has strengthened my resolve to stand for what I believe in. I am aware that if I cannot convince US Federal Judge Fremming Neilson that I will not speak to the Grand Jury, I will remain in jail until December of 1993. So be it. I am prepared to remain in jail because I believe in the Sacred Earth. Nothing can change that, not even death. To feed information to the US government, no matter how significant or insignificant it is, is considered high treason. I am strong and I will remain strong, therefore the Government will not hear anything from me. Never.

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to be continued?

The US govt. has declared war on the movement to protect biodiversity. Anything but a news item, this declaration comes more as a reminder of governments’ continued effort to destroy all that is wild... including you and me.

A few days ago I was told that Jonathan Paul was imprisoned due to his lack of cooperation with a federal grand jury. Tears grew in my eyes as I imagined this lover of freedom in a cement and steel cage. My tears faded into rage, as I promised to my friend that I would never let his incarceration go unnoticed. That the FBI would imprison innocent folks for not cooperating with them is the opening salvo in the latest counter intelligence campaign against warriors of the earth. The US government is now prepared to kill, imprison and torture us all, my friends; not only our other than human friends. We have not injured nor killed anyone. They have threatened us, bombed us, shot at us, and murdered us.

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Sellafield has dumped half a tonne of plutonium onto the seabed.

The first thing the visitor to Sellafield notices is the fierce wind coming in off the sea. The potential for a benign form of energy at the former Windscale (literally windy cliff) seems enormous.

The coastline is scenic and near to the lake district yet the tiny resort of Seascale, atrophied since the 1950’s, is witness to one local industry, tourism, that has been decimated by the nuclear plant next door. The nuclear bosses at Sellafield like to paint a picture of a safe and economic industry producing electricity and jobs for the local area. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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A cautionary tale.

A long long time ago in a land far far away, some people lived. Everyone was violet together.

However, things began to change. The alluvial planes in the distance glowed. Some people saw this, and felt drawn, pulled by the lure of the easy life.

Then, people started noticing Difference. Some people were small, some big, others were not exactly violet, more ‘smelly’ - and in every tribe, every collection of people, some saw themselves as Deep violet, and some as Social violet.

This was very significant. The elders of the tribes met and discussed it. They made decisions, and discussed some more, and then it was the people’s turn to make the same - decisions, because they were the Right Ones.

This was the Time of Great Confusion. Many tribespeople were worried - were they Deep, or Social violet? Was it right to live under the same hide as someone of the opposite persuasion? Deeps’ began to scorn Socials, and Socials built up support networks so that they too could make Decisions, and have influence.

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There’s no M15 on a dead planet

Surveillance tips:

1. Any phone might be tapped, you can only tell if they want you to, or are crap. The same goes for your mail. Watch whose address is under the re-use label. When a phone is on the hook, they can still ‘hear’, directional microphones are also good.

2. There are many kinds of infiltrator. They collect information, give misinformation, set traps, and disrupt and divide activities and people. They may be very nice - the police may have something on them. They may be new on the scene, or visitors. ALWAYS watch what you say and to whom.

3. Few cameras are nice cameras. Watch out for them especially in town centres and on protests. Check press credentials. The police confiscate films which “pertain to an offence” – don’t incriminate yourself or others. Try burning out the cone of a video camera: point a flash-gun directly into the lens unless coated with anti-glare chemicals.

4. Don’t carry address books, phone lists etc. when you sign a petition, get on a mailing list, act as a spokesperson, think who could read it, and think where your name could go. Friendship networks, structures are the stuff they want.

5. When being followed on foot or by car, there’ll be 3 or 4 of them so don’t think you’ll spot them easily. Do something illogical - at the very least it makes their job more fun. Check whether you stand out. Change your appearance quickly, or develop/lose a limp. Bicycles don’t have number plates.

6. You can smell plainclothes police and their cars. Practice.

7. Don’t carry drugs or real ID. Say no more.

All these things and more have already happened to people in EF!. read up on available info, and use the same techniques back in return. Dc not let the paranoia rule your life, but be careful / over cautious - for your sake, and the movement’s. Do it for the earth.



Group 4 own 51% (+) of Ecover. Peter Parker (an ex-director of G4, director of Mitsubishi and a governor of the London School of Economics) is a director of the FoE Trust.

This is yet another example of infiltration and watering down of the pro-earth movements by big business. We will boycott all Ecover products until the company is independent again. Peter Parker must either resign from his other posts, or from the FoE Trust; we will not support central FoE until such time as they have overcome their vermin problem.

We suggest that anyone who joined the organisation believing them to be friends of the earth might consider disassociating themselves until Parker has gone.


This month’s GM carries an article about genetic engineering. Apparently, if the public were better informed they would see what wonderful people the gene traders are. There is also an article suggesting that golf courses should be bigger, and there should be more of them! Articles about resistance to the Golden Hill Tescos were conspicuous by their absence.

All becomes clear when we look on page 3: ‘Patrons and Consultants’ - Lord Alexander of Weedon QC, Chairman of NatWest Bank; Lord Clinton-Davies, EC Commissioner for transport, environment and nuclear safety (ha!), 1985 - 89; Sir Colin Marshall, Chief Executive of British Airways; Sir Ian McLaurin, Chairman of Tesco. Say no more!


For more info and Ecover boycott posters contact Camelot EF!



Links and news of everything direct


CD was founded last year in response to the decision by the whaling nations to resume commercial whaling. Norway, Iceland and Japan have stated their intent to decimate Minke Whale populations despite international condemnation and concern over the species.

Now one hundred thousand Minke whales have been targetted as the killers prepare for the fresh onslaught in the waters of the Antarctic and North Atlantic.

CD operates on a number of levels. As a resource for info for public and other campaign groups. By targeting a boycott at companies and products, so economic damage is done. But more essentially, through direct action CD aim to confront the whaling vessels on the ocean. Activities over ’92/3 have been quite frequent. Events have included occupying the Norwegian consulate in Manchester last summer, distributing 5000 leaflets at the England v Norway match in November, and demonstrating when the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree was lit. CD are desperately trying to raise money 30,000 plus to buy a ship to interfere with whaling activities. Any folk who are into fund raising gigs etc, PO box 11, South East District Office, Manchester, M18 8GU.

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Recommended reading for theTerra1st!

Minimum prices include p & p;


Civil Disobedience & Ecodefence

Small, handy booklet on civil disobedience & direct action techniques - good tips & diagrams on tactics. 30p from SSEF!

Away with all cars

by Mr. Social Control.

Brilliant, inspirational, humorous, info-packed rant, £1 from Play Time For Ever Press, PO box 406, Stoke on Trent ST1 4RN

The Monkeywrench Gang,

by Edward Abbey

The book that inspired N. American movement - gang of 4 take on industrial world.


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